Healing the body to touch the soul

Professional Massage

What we do for people...

Through movement, we teach you stillness
through stillness, you learn comfort
Through comfort, your mind and body relign
And your soul finds balance.

Professional Swedish Relaxation & Medical Massage with the intention of helping the body to heal from stress and injury.
All therapists are licensed, trained, and at the top of what they do best.

Each Massage is different

Different kinds of massage

Not every massage is the same, some are better for different people, and some are better at different times in your life.

Swedish Relaxation Massage for when you want to forget life exists, to be washed away from the pressures of life.

Deep Tissue Massage lets you relax while the therapist eases your tight muscles into complete bliss.

Medical Massage has the purpose of working directly with your muscular injuries, from your neck to your lower back.

Neuromuscular Massage is a more specific form of Medical Massage, used for the difficult chronic muscular issues.

Hot Stones & Specialty Massages are sheer delightful treats in life as they are therapeutic and wonderfully relaxing.


Who are we?

A private massage company owned & run by massage therapists.  We work every day to learn more about how to accomodate our guests, and tailor each of our sessions to a uniqueness that reflects high quality and a wonderful experience.
We do not believe it's just another hour or two of work for us, we are artists in motion who create art on each of our guests...every time you come for a session.

We have been in business since 2010 and have been called Greensboro's best kept secret as we aren't a large company who markets to the masses.  We keep our guest list small each day, giving you the serene treatment you seek when you come in to our office.

We are not a beauty spa...nor do we try to sell you product
We are massage professionals who cater to your body stresses during your scheduled appointment.  Walkins are allowed, but we won't always have walkin availability.​​ Reserve your spot ahead