Our Pricing

All massage is performed by North Carolina State Licensed Massage Therapists

Prices listed are for the 'hands on time', they do not include the time it takes you to undress and dress.

60/90/120 minutes

  1. Swedish Relaxation Massage
    Swedish Relaxation Massage is what you dream about when you picture a relaxing massage. The strokes are fluid and the pressure is light to medium, just enough to cure a bad case of stress, but not enough to keep you awake during the massage.
    Diana $65/$90/$120 Tiffany $65/$90/$120 Amy $90/$120/$160 Mark $60/$85/$120
  2. Deep Tissue Massage
    Deep Tissue Massage doesn't mean that its going to be a painful massage. It means that the therapist will work on asking your body's permission to push in a little deeper, to release the knots and stress that have built up in the body. Its a good cleansing massage, worthy of your time if you have a stubborn knot, or want to 'feel it the next day' kind of massage.
    Diana $70/$95/$125 Tiffany $70/$95/$125 Amy $90/$120/$160 Mark $65/$85/$120
  3. Medical Massage & Myofascial Trigger Release Therapy
    This massage won't necessarily woo you to sleep, but it will help address those injuries that you have in your body. Everything from tweaked neck muscles to sprained ankles and low back issues, this is the massage session that you are seeking. It's purpose is to get you back to a place of balance and out of pain as soon as possible. Our therapists are trained in Medical Massage and are very good at what they do.
    Tiffany $70/$110/$150 Amy $90/$120/$160
  4. Neuromuscular Medical Massage Myofascial Trigger Release Therapy
    Neuromuscular massage is a specialized form of Medical Massage that focuses on releasing the triggers that refer pain, the muscles that are chronically bound up, when your walking gait is affected and when posture is incorrectly balanced due to muscular restriction. This form of therapy also engages nerve entrapment pain and numbness in the extremities (fingers, hands, arms and legs). Because this addresses the more difficult issues, it usually takes a series of sessions in order to correct the issue. Often our clients will seek reimbursement for the cost of the sessions from their saved health plan accounts as we will provide any information necessary for that to be accepted.
    Amy $90/$120/$160
  5. How you Sleep Massage
    This is a specialty massage designed to help you sleep better at night by placing you in a side-lying position while you snuggle up to a soft fluffy body pillow. This massage will address the issues that are caused while you sleep at night, such as stiffness and pains in the neck, shoulder disorders and aches and how your body feels when you wake from sleep. It's done in complete darkness, allowing you to drift away to sleep as the therapist works the 'kinks out'.
    Tiffany & Mark $85/$120/$185
  6. Traditional & Contemporary Cupping Therapies
    Cupping seems to be the latest trend thanks to Michael Phelps and the other Olympians by showing up on screen with the purple/blue round circles on their backs, neck and shoulders. These marks are the results of cupping therapy. Trained in the art of cupping, our therapists vary in technique and style of dry cupping. The types of cupping we offer are: Traditional Fire Cupping (this is hot on the skin); Traditional Kangzhu Cups, Baguanfa Athletic Cupping and Contemporary Machine Cupping.
    Tiffany $45 - 30 min $85 - 1 hour