Artists in Motion Massage Therapy

Healing the Body to Touch the Soul

Through movement, we teach you stillness;
Through stillness, you learn comfort;
Through comfort; your mind and body realign and your body finds balance. 
We are Artists in Motion so that you may learn the stillnesss that your body and soul desires.

Our Therapists

We are a colection of compassionate, friendly, fun, healing and caring massage and bodywork therapists. Our therapists are highly trained in a variety of massage modalities with a combined experiance of over 30 years. We love what we do and the therapies we offer, each massage session is costomized to best benefit what your body needs. We work to ease the pain in our clients and increase movement and blood fow to the areas that are not moving as well as they should.



We have a variety of massage treatments that will suit almost any need of our clients. We are highly trained that is what makes our therapists true "Artists" at what they provide.

We are not a spa, we are small massage studio that is locally onwed and operated by a massge therapists. We strive to provide the Greensboro, triad area with excellance in massage and bodywork.

We ask that you make and appointment to see one of our therapists, but feel free to stop by and see us as well.