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Massage Services

Swedish Relaxation Massage

the relaxer...

Swedish relaxation massage is exactly what the stress in your life desires most. Your therapist will rock you into a deep slumber with light to medium pressure...this is how most people prefer their massage.

Deep Tissue Swedish Massage

for those who need a gentle 'push'....

Swedish relaxation with the added benefit of deep pressure on the areas that you need the most. This has been called the most perfect of relaxation therapies as the deeper pressure takes the fight out of your body and most drift away to bliss.

Tiffany, Amy, Diana and Mark are the therapists you will want for the Swedish Massage Sessions

Medical Massage

Massage not for relaxation, but for healing

Medical massage is a deep tissue massage that uses different techniques to help alleviate pains from injury and not for the purpose of relaxation massage.  Medical massage is given by therapists who are trained as medical massage therapists.  Our medical massage therapists are Tiffany, Amy and Michael.

Neuromuscular Massage

for the chronic pain issues...

Neuromuscular massage is a specific kind of medical massage requring more training and higher levels of skill. It is a form of soft tissue myofascial trigger release therapy designed to address issues as 'tightness of muscles restricting blood flow', trigger points that cause referred pain; postural alignment and dysfunctional gait (walking) patterns.  This kind of therapy usually requires a series of visits to correct the issue.  Our neuromuscular therapists are Amy and Michael.

Cupping Therapy

same therapy received by Olympians 2016

Cupping Study
WFMY Cupping not just for Athletes
CNN Cupping

HOT STONES & Speciality

Therapeutic and relaxing themed massage

Hot stone massage is legendary as the classic themed massage.  The rocks are heated so that your bound muscles don't stand a chance against the gentle pressure of the heated stones as the therapist carefully carves out your stress.
Hot Bamboo & Stones is another method of speciality massage that amplifies your body's ability to let go of stress.
"How you Sleep Massage" is a side-lying massage with a body pillow and a warm massage bed that takes place in total darkness, allowing your body to curl up and drift away as the therapist eases your body into slumber.