Artists In Motion Massage Therapy
Healing the Body to Touch the Soul​
Diana Smith Halsey
60 Minute session: $75
 90 Minute session: $95
 120 Minute session: $125

Sessions may include; Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial release and Trigger point therapies
LMBT #13946
"The body is a major part of who I am, and what I do. As a dancer and martial artist, massage therapy allows me to blend my passions together to help others."-Diana
​Teresa Lowell
Now offering

60 minute sessions for $60.00
 90 minute  session  $90.00

Sessions may include; Swedish and Deep Relaxation.

LMBT# 17848
​"This is a great transition from being a dance educator to a massage therapist; I value the benefits for all that massage can offer people."-Teresa
John Halsey
60 Minute session $65
90 Minute session $95
120 Minute session: $125

Sessions may include; Swedish and Deep Tissue techuqes.

"I wanted a career in which I could reduce suffering, bring joy, and improve the quality of life in those I worked with. I believe in massage therapy's importance as a component of a healthy, and holistic lifestyle." - John
Mark Spence​​
LMBT #15763​​​​​​
Certifed Medical Massage Practitioner
60 Minute session: $75
 90 Minute session: $105
 120 Minute session: $135

Session may include; Deep tissue, Cupping, Myofascial Release, Swedish, and Medical Massage therapies.

"I enjoy working with the human body. Coming from a martial arts and personal training background, this was the next step to keep people moving, and feeling better." -Mark
Amy Cruz
Currently not avaible for new clients at this time.

60 Minute session: $80
90 Minute session: $120 
120 Minute session: $160

*Cash or Check ONLY*

Sessions may include; Cupping, Hot Stone, Essential oils.
*Possible up Charge for Deep Tissue Bodywork*
LMBT # 2364
​"I enjoy this career, because I am able to use massage and bodywork therapies to help others heal, as well as maintain their health and wellness." -Amy
Tiffany Wright
LMBT# 8311
BCTMB# 557423-08

Board Certifed Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Therapist
Certifed Medical Massage Parctitioner
Massage Educator
Business Owner
60 Minute session: $80
 90 Minute session: $110
 120 Minute session: $160

Sessions may include; Aromatherapy, Trigger Point Release, Myofascial bodywork, Medical Massage, Bamboo bodywork, Deep Tissue, stretching and or Cupping.

"I have lived through and seen how massage and bodywork can change a person's life. It is one among many reasons I LOVE what do!" - Tiffany